May 2023 Release

We're excited to announce the Early Access release for our new experience - Threekit Spaces!

Threekit Spaces allows your customers to easily recreate their home or office digitally and visualize your products within it, letting them see and feel which styles would be best and inspire them to try out different product combinations. They'll also be able to shop with confidence knowing the models are size accurate and that the products will fit perfectly within their space when they arrive.

Here's how it works:

1. Start with a Template or from Scratch: Either choose from one of the pre-defined layouts or from a Blank Canvas. The pre-defined layouts are a great jumping off point if you don't exactly know where to start while the blank canvas is best for users who have a vivid idea of what kind of space they want to create and don't really need a template to work off of.

2. Draw the room: Use the Draw function to add walls to the space. After that click on the walls add Features like doors, openings, or windows.

3. Switch to 3D to view the room: Click the 3D button to switch from the top down 2D view of your room to a fully rendered 3D version of it, where you'll be able to navigate around and see every detail of the room that you've designed.

We're confident that Threekit Spaces will transform the way customers shop for your products and can't wait to see the experiences you create with it.

To learn more and find out how to get Early Access, click here to read the full blog post.


  • DEV-821 Large Configurations not being cached properly

  • DEV-908 Transient error when loading the player

  • DEV-964 Logic rules not being applied the first time when an attribute value is changed via Treble

  • DEV-991 AR not loading full model

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