2023.20.0 - October 4 2023


  • DEV-735 VP Renders Operator not working with items that have composites

  • DEV-930 Loading soft-locks when saving an item after assigning it an asset

  • DEV-983 Color Attributes not working with Advanced Buyer Analytics causing the Configuration Change metric to be recorded incorrectly

  • DEV-1052 Add Item and Add Stage buttons missing for Edit Assets in User Permission

  • DEV-1094 Global attribute page not correctly showing full list of attributes

  • DEV-1149 Generating Analytics reports freezing in the In-Progress state

  • DEV-1159 Using large amount of tag queries causing more CPU usage than should

  • DEV-1161 API getFullConfiguration() not functioning correctly when using Array Attributes

  • DEV-1173 Metadata queries not working with legacy assets

  • DEV-1178 Correct error returned from cas-service now when fetching wrong head from assets service

  • DEV-1183 Creating walls too quickly within Threekit Spaces causing incorrect walls to be placed

  • DEV-1186 Incorrect measurement increments when using meters inside Threekit Spaces

  • DEV-1189 Bulk Edit view not correctly showing shared Attributes & Metadata of selected Items

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