Internal QA

Prior to moving into a validation or UAT phase, the following items must pass internal quality assurance (QA):
Basic functionality:
  • Acceptable load time
  • Model clearly visible (i.e. not too small initially, can zoom, not cut-off mid-screen)
  • Rotate model all directions
  • Material changes are visible
  • Option changes are visible
  • Animations work as designed
  • Vertical drag/swipe has the intended behavior (interact with the player and orbit the view as normal or fall through and scroll the browser page)
  • Virtual photography images load as expected
  • All configuration changes can be made on the same screen while simultaneously viewing 3D models
  • Spellcheck
  • Pricing
  • Outputs (email/PDF/other)
  • Sharing is working (or disabled)
  • Integration points/data exchange
Test basic functionality on supported browsers:
  • Most recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge on desktop device
  • Most recent version of Chrome and Safari on an iPhone, an Android phone, an iPad, and tablet
Additionally, tests beyond the "happy path" should be conducted to ensure quality prior to handing off to a client