What is a Quality Workshop?

Executive Summary: The Threekit Quality Workshop is a collaborative creative workshop in which We will review and agree with Our Customer to quality control process, quality feedback standards, quality standards to be met by the modeling team, and any other quality control mechanisms.
Workshop Logistics: A quality control brief document, outlining such processes and any additional notes from the workshop. This will be used as the quality standard for all to-be delivered visuals in the scope of an SOW. Customer subject matter experts shall actively participate in the quality workshop and have in attendance every person that will be providing any approvals and reviews of creative deliverables in scope of an SOW. We anticipate that this workshop may be held remotely or onsite at the agreement of respective project managers. This workshop duration is estimated to be 1 to 4 hours.
Resources Required Threekit: Project Manager, Lead Artist, Lead Developer Customer: Artistic approver, Product SME, Project stakeholder
A Quality Workshop can consist of the following sessions:
  • SOW scope alignment & review
  • Project plan alignment & review
    • Build plan alignment & review
    • Establilsh approximate release plan delivery timing
  • SME resource availability & role confirmation
    • Establish roles & responsibilities
  • Project guiding principles
  • Status reporting alignment
    • financial, functional & weekly delivery messaging
  • Integration deep dive
  • Approval definition - artistic
    • Align on approval standards & subjective review process
    • Establish feedback timing (per SOW)
      • Use of ThreeKit ASANA tools
      • Verbal feedback from design meetings
      • Approval revision notes and process
    • Establish cadence and credentials in ThreeKit platform approval tool
    • Establish Visual Presentation standards & cadence
      • Objective: Obtain live and follow-up feedback to confirm work progress and vector
      • Presentation of existing assets - focus area driven
      • Audience is primary project stakeholders from ThreeKit & customer teams
  • Approval definition - functional
    • Align on approval standards, functional testing & deployment process
  • Creation of presentation deck