Filter Saved Configurations

Search and filter through the Saved Configurations page, with a statistics summary and spreadsheet output.

This app allows you to search through the Saved Configurations and receive a summary of the results in the UI along with a spreadsheet of filtered entries through a download link.


To install this app please follow the instructions as directed in the Custom Apps instructions.


  1. In order to initiate a search, you must first specify a range of dates.

  2. Initiating a search without any of the search fields filled out will result in a general list of all saved configurations found within the given dates.

  3. Filling out the Product field will filter the results to only the saved configurations for that specific product.

  4. Attribute and Metadata fields are also optional and can be used to further filter the results for a given Product, or for all saved configurations if no Product is specified

    1. The Attribute field refers to the variant options of the saved configurations.

    2. You can search only for entries that contain the given attribute when no value is entered

    3. The metadata field refers specifically to the metadata of the saved configurations, instead of product or product option metadata

Performing a search through hundreds of thousands or millions of saved configurations may take minutes or hours, depending on the date range queried.


  • The results will display a summary of statistics for the search, including the date range provided.

  • In case where all dates were searched, the results will show the first and last date of the entries found.

  • The entries for Unique Products and Unique Variants is dependent on the search criteria. For example, if a Product ID was entered, then only that product will show up in the Unique Products results, and only variants for that Product will show in the Unique Variants and Top Variants lists.

  • Each entry under the Top Products and Top Variants column includes a link to the product. For the variants, this is a link to the product and configuration listed.

Please note that the downloadable spreadsheet will be limited to a total of 10,000 entries, to avoid performance issues.

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