6. Requirements Checklist


Once you become a customer, the most important step to prepare for is the project kickoff, which requires that you provide any deliverables as outlined in the statement of work (SOW) you signed with your implementation partner. We highly recommend you perform an SOW review as a first step to ensure the work being performed and the deliverables required to begin are validated across everyone involved.

The necessary deliverables can also be referred to as a requirements checklist. These deliverables vary based on your unique SOW, but can often include reference images, 3D models, eCommerce integrations, and so on. We'll provide a high-level overview of some of the terminology below.

Reference Images

Whether you have 3D models already or not, you will likely need to provide reference images prior to 3D work starting on your project. These are important for two reasons:

  1. Our team needs to understand how to model each of the materials and angles for the 3D model to accurately reflect the lighting, texture, and configurable components for each.

  2. Reference images provide a brand identity that help ensure that model backgrounds and scene lighting work cohesively with your visual brand.

You can review the best practices for taking reference images in this article.

Physical Swatches

Your SOW will provide a list of physical swatches needed for your project which might include samples of metals, fabrics, woods, and other materials. These will need to be sent in a minimally-specified size (patterns with repeats will need a full repeat of the pattern, for example) to the provided address(es) for 3D scanning. If your products use exotic materials such as alligator skin, please be aware that there are restrictions on such materials in some locales and additional resources may need to be provided to accommodate the scanning of these materials.

Configuration Workbook

Our Configuration Workbook provides a template for laying out your configuration-specific rules. Click here to download it.

eCommerce Integrations

If your project requires us to integrate with an eCommerce provider like Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, SFDC Commerce Cloud, etc., we will require temporary access to your environment to set up the integration.

UI/UX Support

Whether we are directly implementing your UI/UX experience or you are owning that part of the project and we are consulting with your team on best practices, we will need an understanding of your preferred UI/UX experience. Requirements for this portion of the project may include color hex codes, specific font files, Figma wireframes, and icon libraries. Please review your SOW for more details.

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