Daily Stand-up Meeting

Best Practice: For each project, conduct a daily 15 minute stand-up meeting conducted with all resources. GOAL: Establish daily tasks & deliverables for each resource. Confirm delivery timing.

  • 15 minutes or less.

  • at least 4x a week.

  • Project Phase independent.

  • Facilitated by the PM. Data provided by the consultants.

    • PM takes notes and distributes to the team


  • Did you finish your goals yesterday – yes or no only

    • if no, what were the roadblocks and what is the recovery plan?

    • If needed, recovery plan discussion should be taken into a separate meeting (its own scrum)

    • You may get a “yes and I’m ahead”, if so establish what goals can be pulled in and if it is healthy to do so

  • What are your goals for today?

  • Do you have what you need to meet your goals?

  • What is your time through yesterday?

    • billable / non-billable

    • Confirm staffed hours for the day & the week

  • Roundtable each person – “did I miss any item from your goal list?”

NOTE: In extreme cases, script questions can be achieved through digital correspondence.

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