Reference Image Guidelines

Regardless of whom is chosen to create 3D models, providing good reference material is essential for the creation of high-fidelity visual models.

The following are recommended photo orientations for a piece of furniture that does not have a 3D model.

  1. Some sample marketing photographs currently used by the customer on their website. This will provide insight into the desired lighting and presentation style for the products. Only a few sample photographs are necessary. For example:

  1. Additional views that give a good sense of the proportions and how the materials are laid out are important. These do not have to be professionally taken, but straight-on shots and shots that provide both length and width perspectives are helpful. For example:

  1. Some additional shots that emphasize intricate detail, these photos also do not need to be professionally taken. Examples here would include screw heads, carvings, legs, handles, studs, etc.

  1. Lastly, blueprint diagrams for the large pieces like tables, sofas, armchairs, credenzas, etc., which show dimensions are very helpful.

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