7. Vray VFB Presets

The Vray VFB Presets allow users to add post-processing effects to the Vray renders, primarily in terms of color corrections. These post processing effects are specifically the ones supported by the Vray Framebuffer, as listed here: https://docs.chaos.com/display/VMAX/Layers

Exceptions - Vray 4

We currently do not support the following Vray4 VFB Layers:

Lens Effects, OCIO, LUT, ICC


The user may import a Vray VFB (Vray FrameBuffer) Preset file (vccglb or vccglbzip for Vray4, and .vfbl or .vfblzip for Vray5) by using the drag-and-drop method on the Asset Library. This will automatically create a VFB asset on ThreeKit.

Here is how to save out the vccglb file from the Vray4 Framebuffer:

Here is how to save out the vfbl file from the Vray5 Framebuffer:

This asset may then be used directly in the Vray Post Effects slot of a scene:


The contents of this VFB preset will look like this:

There is effectively just one single option - Remove Alpha from output.

When this option is checked OFF, the alpha channel from the Vray render will be retained as is. This is the default setting.

When this option is checked ON, the alpha channel from the Vray render will be replaced with a full white alpha channel, essentially removing any transparency altogether.

The main scenario where this setting is likely to be set to ON is when the VFB preset includes a Background image. If the alpha channel of the rendered image retains the transparency, then the Background image used in the VFB file will get cut out. Checking this option to ON will ensure that the Background image will always show in the output render on the 2D player.

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