Task Estimation

Objective Provides guidelines on how to estimate delivery timing for individual tasking.

Why does this matter to you?

  • Provides portfolio information for planning and budgeting purposes

  • All Consultants need to estimate their own tasks

  • All relevant design and build tasks


  1. Create & complete a task within your project planning system (i.e. JIRA), Asana)

  2. Estimate and list all build steps

  3. Estimate internal Quality Assurance (QA)

  4. Estimate internal Peer Review (PR)

  5. Estimate validation & testing support

  6. Include contingency estimate

Task Estimation Supporting Notes:

  • When

    • Mid-project, New task

  • Who

    • Individual Contributor (consultants & designers)

  • Where

    • Project Planning System (i.e. JIRA task)

  • Why

    • Portfolio information & planning

  • What

    • Build or design task

Presenter Notes:

  • Confirm Use Case - should be documented via Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) and referenced in the Jira task

  • Add reference images & screen shots

  • add hours, start date & end date

  • make as accurate as possible - based on the skill of the resource who will execute

  • Contingency will vary depending on complexity of the task.

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