Stakeholder Meeting

Usage Instructions
Completed by the Project Manager Delivered weekly at mutually agreed to timing (suggested is once a month)
Steps to complete:
Create Meeting Deck containing the following -
  • Current overall project status
    • Supporting information for each area (budget/timeline/resources)
    • Identification of high-level project narratives & value items
  • Review Project workstream information
    • Project workstream examples are: modeling, configuration, integration, materials
    • Call out any individual risks or issues related to each workstream
    • Review all workstream risks & issues that require stakeholder attention/intervention
    • Each risk or issue must have a suggested mitigation plan & estimated completion timing
  • Review Timeline that Includes delivery dates and milestones
    • Review upcoming phases
    • Discuss planning for next phases (i.e. UAT)
  • Open the floor for questions/feedback