Post Implementation Training Agenda

Post-Implementation Training Agenda

  • Overview tour of their site as it exists at Implementation

  • Walk down left-hand navigation

    • How catalogue items and assets are organized for the project

      • Product naming and naming conventions

    • How catalogue items and assets relate to each other

    • Existing stages and where they are used (if applicable)

  • Recommendations for maintenance

    • What they can maintain

    • What you recommend they consult on

Example Walkthrough

  • List of Catalog Items

  • Look at Item

  • Show SKU

  • Back to catalog

  • Click on Assets

  • Click on Item

  • Click on Stage

    • Explain what stage does

    • Show item in Stage

    • Modify Stage

  • Naming Conventions

  • Click on Assets

  • Click on Item

  • Launch into Editor

  • Click through options and show how is set up

  • Show logic editor

  • Q&A

    • Where is my X?

    • How do I find Y?

    • How do I change environment map?

    • Walk through answers

  • Go to front end and show how displays on front end

  • Show shopify/similar side

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