7. Customer Resources & Onboarding Checklist

Whether you’re a new or existing Threekit customer, there are a lot of resources available to you. The purpose of this article is to consolidate all of the resources into a single referenceable location. We’ve also included an onboarding checklist for our new customers, since there can be an overwhelming amount of tasks to be completed in preparation of a project.

Have questions about anything written here? Email the Threekit Customer Success team at success@threekit.com.

Threekit Resources

Threekit Community

Your one-stop-shop for many Threekit resources, including:

  • Support Portal

    • Where you will log and comment on technical support cases for Threekit. Access is generally granted to your admin(s) around the time of your onboarding call. Read more about support here.

  • Release Notes

    • Stay up-to-date with the latest product release notes and information.

  • Community Forum

    • Have a quick question about Threekit or something you’re trying to do? Post in our Community forum!

Status Page

Confirm the uptime of the Threekit platform, upcoming maintenance or releases, and subscribe for updates directly to your inbox.


Reach the Threekit Customer Success team by simply emailing success@threekit.com. The team can address any of your non-technical Threekit questions, or help guide you in the right direction.

Getting Started Guide

A series of articles that help to provide a comprehensive overview of Threekit projects and topics/resources that you should be familiar with.

Onboarding Checklist (For New Customers)

☑ Bookmark your environment URLs for easy accessibility! Preview will be your sandbox where all work and testing is done, and Admin-FTS is your controlled and stable production environment. Once work is done in Preview, it will be migrated to Admin-FTS. Admin-FTS will be the environment that integrates with your live website.  ・Preview: https://preview.threekit.com/  ・Admin-FTS: https://admin-fts.threekit.com/

☑ Confirm receipt of your Threekit subscription invoice. If you haven’t received it, let your Threekit account manager know. Project kickoff is dependent on payment of the invoice.

☑ Complete Threekit self-led training. Complete the self-led training so that you have a high-level understanding of the platform.

☑ Schedule an SOW review call with your partner. Understanding the scope of your SOW is key to a successful project. Make sure you have a dedicated call with your partner to go through the SOW line-by-line so that you understand the work that is or isn’t covered, what you as the customer need to provide leading up to kick-off, project timeline, and next steps.

☑ Provide reference models/images, project requirements, etc. to your partner. The specifics of what needs to be delivered will be outlined in your SOW. If you have questions, ask your main point of contact for the project.

☑ Schedule a project kickoff with your partner. Once project requirements are delivered, your partner should schedule a project kickoff call to officially begin the project. Use this call as an opportunity to get your weekly project calls scheduled, discuss any project software you will use, how you will communicate, and agree on next steps. If you have certain expectations, such as a weekly project status email, communicate this with your partner!

☑ Bookmark Threekit Community and Threekit Status pages. Check out our Threekit Resources section above for a full list of resources, and be sure to bookmark the Threekit Community and Threekit Status page. All of the Threekit resources will be helpful for you not only during the project, but also after as well.

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