Render to vrscene

Retrieve the vrscene output for a given Vray render.

This app enables users to troubleshoot Vray render issues more easily, by generating the vrscene file for a given render job. This vrscene file is the result of all vrscene elements that combine through the configuration setup to generate the final image. Inspecting this final vrscene file may provide some insight into what could have caused the render to look different than expected.


To install this app please follow the instructions as directed in the Custom Apps instructions.


You need to have an existing render job first, because this app needs to read the configuration options from that render task in order to generate a vrscene for the exact same configuration options.

It is not necessary for the existing render job to have completed successfully or at all.

  1. A render taskId is required in order to generate the vrscene for that render.

  2. The task Id can be found at the end of the URL for that particular render task, after /tasks/ For example, if the URL of the render task is

    the render task ID will be cf0a8d90-77af-44aa-a052-eb4680437b3a

  3. On pressing the Export Vrscene button, a new job will be generated in the org. Upon completion, this job's output will be the vrscene file. This job is not re-attempt to render the original image.

  4. A link will be provided to the render task. Please check it regularly until the platform finishes the task and provides the result file.

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