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Implementing projects using the ThreeKit platform requires an understanding of the fundamental concepts and building blocks of our system. Our clients choose ThreeKit for its flexibility and scalability in dealing with lots of product data and complex configuration requirements. Understanding how to implement such projects will require careful study of ThreeKit's Org, Catalog, Asset, and Logic Systems at a minimum.

The training material presented here is intended to introduce new implementation users to these concepts. We currently have only a basic set of pre-recorded videos and articles, but we are actively working on generating a new set of up-to-date training videos to cover the topics outlined here.

Self-Led Training

This content forms the basic fundamentals of working with ThreeKit.

We are currently working on revamping this material to bring it up to speed, and re-organizing it for a more streamlined experience.

Self-Led Training

Training Videos Outline

On this page you can find the list of topics that will be covered by the upcoming new set of self-led training videos.

Upcoming Training Videos Outline

Guided Training

The live guided training sessions are on hold for the time being, while we work on updating our self-led material. In the future we will make available live training for more advanced topics such as Custom App development, or Virtual Photographer workflows, which will depend on completing the self-led material first.

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