Self-Led Training

This document is intended to walk through the self-led training process for the Threekit Platform. You must have access to the platform in order to follow along. Access should be provided by your organization or by enrolling in Threekit Training through your Threekit representative.

Step 0: If you are new to Threekit, follow the e-mailed link and directions for accessing the Threekit Preview site.

Step 1: Download the assets to your computer and unzip -

Step 2: Open the training PDF - Threekit Platform Self-Guided Training.pdf

Step 3: Watch the video segments below for each skill required to complete the training examples in the Instructions PDF.

Note: Each topic is covered only once, you will need to follow the PDF to ensure you create all appropriate pieces for functional examples.

**Non-English transcript translations were created with Google Translate and may not be accurate. Words in bold will appear in the software in English. (Attached below.)**

The BIG Picture: Threekit Navigation and Terminology

Create a Catalog Item

NOTE: The instructions below utilize local attributes for purposes of demonstration.

In practice, the use of Global Attributes is strongly recommended.

Add a "String" Attribute to a Catalog Item

Add a "Number" Attribute to a Catalog Item

Create a "Model" Asset

Add a Default Box in the 3D Editor

Adding "String" Attributes in the 3D Asset Logic Editor

Adding "Number" Attributes in the 3D Asset Logic Editor

Adding a Simple On/Off Visibility Rule in the Logic Editor

Associate a 3D Asset to a Catalog Item

Importing Assets

WARNING:ZIP file limitations:

  • Uploading ZIP files will not show an import dialog box. The contents will get automatically uploaded to ThreeKit.

  • In case of duplicate assets with the same name, the uploader will create new copies with an incremental number, instead of updating the existing assets

  • ZIP files are not allowed to contain multiple 3D model files (FBX, glTF, etc.). Only one single 3D model file is allowed per ZIP, along with supporting textures

These limitations are only specifically for files that end with the .zip extension. They do not apply to files like .vrscenezip, .pbrzip, etc.

Add a "Part Reference" Attribute to a Catalog Item

NOTE: When using global attributes, for Part Reference/Asset Attributes, setting the Asset Type at the creation step insures Item-to-Asset compatibility.

Add Tags to a Catalog Item

Using Tags for Attribute Values

Searching for Imported Assets

Adding "Material" Attributes in the 3D Asset Logic Editor

Adding a Variable Asset Visibility Rule in the Logic Editor

Adding Components and Configuring Properties in the 3D Editor

Adding Rules in the Catalog Item

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