Platform Overview

Utilizing Threekit, you have the ability to provide a dynamic product visualization experience that updates in real-time with user selections. These experiences can include Virtual Photography, generating photo-quality 2D images of every combination of product options within your catalog, interactive 360-degree viewing of 3D models embedded into your website, and Augmented Reality, to view those same 3D models in the real world.

Virtual Photography

Present your users photo-quality images of your entire product catalog without having to set up a professional studio shot for each product combination. Virtual photography can be used to present standalone product shots (“silhouettes”), scenes featuring your product (“lifestyle shots”), and configurable experiences (“visual configuration”).

Interactive 3D

Interactive 3D refers to a product presentation within a webpage whereby the customer can interact with the product in a meaningful way, such as spin it around and change options, while seeing live updates to the product. These outputs utilize WebGL, a web technology that enables high quality 3D graphics to be created, then presented, on a webpage. It leads to very fast, rich and engaging interactions.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the ability to view your models in your surroundings, either on the floor in your room, a wall, or even on yourself (e.g. AR try on.)

In order to support native AR from web-based eCommerce sites without the need to install mobile apps, the Threekit platform creates glTF (Android) and USDZ files (iPhone). The platform can create these assets on demand or the platform can create all glTF and USDZ needed to represent your products via a bulk process. After a glTF or USDZ file has been generated it is then cached for future re-use to enable faster client experiences as well as to be resource efficient. On demand generation can be triggered via a customer clicking on the “AR” button in the product viewer.

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