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Platform Landing Page

Upon logging into Threekit, the user is greeted with the following page:
Threekit Environment - a visual indicator of which Threekit Environment the user is currently in
Main Navigation Panel
  • Product Catalog - contains all Catalog Items including all product and part information
    • Catalog Items - contains a list of all Products, their building blocks, and part information
    • Attributes - contains the configurator qualities of a Product
    • Categories - contains a list of all Categories used in Items
    • Tags - contains a list of all tags used in Items and Assets
    • Data tables - contains a list of all Data Tables used
  • Assets - contains a list of all 3D Assets and visual collaterals
  • Stages - contains a list of all Stages
  • Renders - contains a listing of all Render Jobs
  • Orders - provides visibility on placed orders from an eCommerce system
    • Orders - contains purchases/orders from an eCommerce site
    • Configurations - contains specific Product configurations captured from a defined user interaction
  • Apps -
  • Analytics - contains all Platform-specific metrics
    • Player views - contains a summary of player views
    • Render usage - contains a summary of render hours used
Settings Panel
  • Organizational Profile - contains an overview of the Org profile
  • Members - contains a list of current members and pending invites to the Threekit org, and the ability to add new members
  • Features - contains details of the current subscription and available Platform features
  • Player Settings -
  • Performance -
  • Data Transfer - used to migrate all or some of your data between Orgs on the same or different environments
  • Languages - contains a list of language files uploaded to the Platform
  • Tokens - Interface for creating Access tokens used for external system integration
  • Webhooks -
  • Pricebooks -
  • Jobs - contains a listing of all jobs, providing relevant information for all imports, exports, and renders
Organizational Switcher - contains a list of Recently-accessed orgs and All orgs of which the user is a part
Header Actions
  • Job Listing Button - Provides visibility on the status for the most recently-queued jobs and a path to the Jobs tab
  • Resource Center - contains a list of all Threekit documentation and resources
    • Knowledge base - search within the Platform knowledge base while remaining inside the Platform
    • Product updates - a summary of the latest releases and link to release notes
    • Getting started - a link to a comprehensive guide to your Threekit project implementation
    • Support - an external link to the Threekit Support portal where you can submit and view support cases (requires separate invite and login)
    • Community - an external link to the Threekit Forums where a user can ask questions and review documentation
  • User - provides access to current User Profile Settings and Sign-out