Vray Normals Properties

This page provides information on the Vray Normals Operator which creates an additional normals render pass from surface normals in the scene.


This operator can be added to a Comp Asset Layer in order to generate a separate a Vray Normals render pass. These additional render passes are useful in external compositing tools, to allow artists to adjust lighting in a scene after the initial render.

The Normals render pass does not store information about Bump and Normal maps assigned to meshes. In order to include that additional surface information you would need to use the Vray Bump Normals operator.

For more information about this specific Vray Render Element, please check the Chaos Group Documentation.


Image Filter

This checkbox allows the user to apply the rendering image filters to this render pass as well. This matches the Filter setting from the Vray UI for this Render Element. You can find out more about this setting in the Chaos Group docs.

Default = ON.


This operator can be added to Render Layers inside a Composite Asset.

Multiple versions of this operator can be added to a layer, but only the last one added will take effect.

The resulting image from the render will only be available through a download of the render job, or directly from inside each individual render Job Task.

The RESULTS entry in a render job task will contain separate links for every image generated by that task.

The resulting renders are kept in the EXR format, and can then only be used outside of the ThreeKit platform for compositing purposes. At this time, the ThreeKit Composite Assets are not able to use these render passes in any way.

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