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Asset Query

Query and fetch the most recent asset matching the given metadata key-value pairs
Asset Queries are available for Set Attribute Value and Set Property actions. With these actions we can perform a search through the current org's Asset Library, for specific assets that have a given set of metadata key-value pairs.
This functionality enables us to build automation with Template Assets, so that we can handle large sets of configurable 3D models and materials at scale. These setups typically work in conjunction with Metadata Value Queries.
The query will always return ONLY ONE asset - the last updated asset that matches the metadata provided, and of the type required by the action.
For example: a Set Attribute Value action on an attribute of type asset-texture will only search for texture assets.
Let's take a look at an example of a Template Material, where we are trying to populate three material properties with custom maps for the Cotton Red material option.
In this scenario, the catalog item has two metadata fields on it - Name and Family.
The texture assets also have the same metadata fields on them, generated perhaps using the Apply Metadata Pattern tool.
We can then use the Asset Query option for the Set Property action inside the Template Material, in order to find the three texture assets and assign them automatically.
Loading Textures automatically into a Template Material
Using an Asset Query with the Set Property action
Take note that the Asset Query is currently labelled Metadata Query in the ThreeKit UI
The usage of the Asset Query with a Set Attribute Value action is exactly the same as shown above. The option is only available on attributes of type asset.