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Model References

Model nodes allow us to reference other model assets inside a Scene or Model Asset for a nesting setup.


This node is the workhorse of scene setups, template asset setups, and modular configurations where the final product is built from components that exist as separate model assets. A Model node is simply a reference to a model asset.
The modular approach allows us to reuse model assets across multiple products, or within template assets. This means that we can upload separate files for each product or components, and reuse them within different configuration setups.
For example, let's say we need to build a sectional configurator, and we need seat, arm, chaise, and pillow components. Uploading a separate file for each one of these individually as a model asset allows us to reuse these components to build the more complex sectional setup.
Modular Components in a Sectional
Modular Sectional
The advantage with this approach is that only one asset needs to be downloaded for all seat components, one asset for all arm components, and one asset for all pillow components. This means a faster initial load time, and also ease of maintenance. If updates are necessary for the mesh of the seat component, then only the seat model asset needs to be updated.


The model node can only be used inside Scenes or Model assets, and can only reference model assets.
The model node can only be used inside Scenes or Model assets, and can only reference model assets.
It can be created in one of two ways:

Through the Helpers button in the main toolbar:

Create a Model Reference Node

Through the right-click menu in the Scene Graph, when you right-click on an existing node:

Create a Model Reference Node through the Right-Click Menu
The Asset property of the Model node will hold the referenced asset.
This property can be set through logic using the set model action, or the set property action.
Set Model Action with the Model node
In a modular configuration setup such as the sectional example, these Model nodes can be created through a script using the Add Node function from the Scene API, and placed at specific locations in the 3D space.
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