The Features page provides details of the current subscription, as well as a preview of available ThreeKit Platform features.

Making any changes to this page requires the press of the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page. Please note that the changes will take some time to take effect, as the change needs to be propagated through the system. The delay may be anywhere between 5-15min under typical system load.

Standard Features

Subscription Start Date

Provides the start date of the Threekit platform subscription.

Virtual Photographer

If this feature is enabled, an Organization has the ability to create photorealistic renders of their products. Toggles are available for both WebGL and V-Ray Rendering.

Default Stages

Threekit is delivered with a default environment for all asset types. At times, this default view does not present the asset in the manner in which it will be displayed or illuminated either within the deployed instance of the configurator (3D Player) or rendered images (2D player). Therefore, the artist may collaborate with the team responsible for realistic presentation of the models and materials by making use of a default stage specifically customized for the desired viewing experience. Once created, the default stages (which reference Scene Assets) for viewing assets of a specific type can be set via these dropdowns.

Configuration Levels


Advanced is a level of configuration requiring use of all attributes types and rules. This level of configuration is necessary to fully leverage Smart Assets and Part References.


Simple configurations contain only multi-choice attributes and do not require Rules.


No ability to configure the Product.

Approval Workflows

Not a functional feature at this time. This option does not currently do anything.

Share to Threehub

Enabling this feature will reveal a toggle on all Catalog Items, allowing the freedom to publish any Catalog Item on Threehub.

Usage Limits

Limits for Users and number of Assets.

Player Settings

Org-wide settings are available for distribution of the player.

Support Access

Use this setting to grant Threekit's support team access to your Organization without the need for formal invitations. Access is revoked automatically based on the End Date:

Early Access Features

The features listed here are only available in a beta state to select clients who choose to opt in, with the full understanding that there may be stability issues associated with these features.

Org Branching

This feature allows for branches to be created and managed within the org. This option needs to be enabled from here in order to make branching functional. It is currently disabled by default. Visit the Branching Docs to read more about this feature.

Advanced Buyer Analytics

This feature enables the tracking of data and events within the org, for the purpose of generating analytics data. It is enabled by default for all orgs. Visit the Advanced Buyer Analytics Docs for more information.

Fast Compositor

This feature enables the use of a backend API that can generate composite images from existing layered renders. The main advantage of this API is that it allows the trigger and generation of these composites faster than through the native Virtual Photographer feature. This option is disabled by default.

Static Publish

This feature is designed to optimize the initial load of a configurator when it is embedded on the front-end. It has no effect on the loading of the player on the ThreeKit platform.

The feature will reduce the initial number of requests made by the player to the platform by bundling up some of the resources into a single request.

Requests to meshes or configuration options that are populated by external scripts will not be optimized through this feature.

The optimization will have the most significant impact on projects with hundreds of choices and lots of overlapping tags for those choices. Most other projects may not see a noticeable improvement.

We would strongly recommend that you make use of the Publishing feature on catalog items, in order to take advantage of the caching of this bundle across CDNs.

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