Actions manipulate the visual representation. The following Actions are supported; set attribute visible, set attribute enabled, set attribute value, set visibility, set material, set model, and set property.

set attribute visible

Nothing tricky about this Action Type, a previously unexposed attribute will become visible.

set attribute enabled

Allows a previously unconfigurable attribute to become configurable.

set attribute value

This action allows for dynamically setting the value of any attribute specific to the Asset on which it is created.

set attribute value visibility

Makes visible an attribute value to visible based on some criteria

set attribute value enabled

Sets an attribute value base on some criteria

custom script

Leverages the client-side Player API for extremely complex or parametric configuration requirements.

set visibility

Used for options that may or may not be included on a given model, this action type allows for toggling visibility.

set material

Set material will do just that, on the basis of the Attribute Value, an appropriate material may be applied to any of a given model's meshes.

set model

An extremely powerful action type, set model leverages a reference point such that any model from the library can be placed within the scene.

set property

The set property action provides the ability to automate manipulation to any of the properties in a given asset view, as well as the properties of any operator.

set active camera

Useful for scenes with multiple cameras. set active camera allows for setting the view to any camera in the scene on the basis of some input. Perhaps there is an area of a model which should be emphasized when a given component is being configured. Setting up multiple cameras would allow for transition between these views.

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