Layout Containers

Modular and spatial configurator physical constraints can now be setup easily in platform using new Layout Container nodes to build Room Builder like interactions in the Threekit Player:

  • Item Selection and highlighting

  • Item positioning/dragging

  • Positioning constraints

Layout Container nodes control for movement constraints, selectability of elements, and outline styling.

Layout Container Node

Layout Container nodes can be added in the scene using the new toolbar icon or the right-click menu in the Scene Tree:

To enable dragging, use the Container Meshes reference field to reference existing node(s) within he asset to act as dragging constraints. In this example, there is a Plane node representing a floor so that elements cannot be moved beyond it:

Selection color & thickness

Layout Containers contain overrides for the default Selection Highlight Color and Outline Thickness as Operators in the Selection section:

Then, models can be imported into the asset and made children of the Layout Container in order to be constrained to the Floor Plane:

In the example above, there are multiple Layout Container nodes to produce Floor and Wall constraints.

Props & immovable objects

Props, or unselectable/immovable, elements can be added to the asset simply by placing the outside of layout containers.

Selectable components

Want to make components of a product selectable in the Player? Layout Container nodes can also be used to make children nodes selectable without any movement. Simply leave the Container Meshes reference blank and all children will still be selectable in the player.

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