Client-side swapping of stages for a 2D configurator at runtime -- can it be done?



I'm working on a virtual photography configurator. Because of how easy it is to swap stage views in the catalogue viewer, I wrongly assumed that it would be easy to just run a command like this-

configurator.stageId = '123bigLongHexcode456';

or maybe something like this:

configurator.setStage({stageId: '123totallyA-Real-Hexcode456'})

After building a configurator that uses 1 item with 4 separate rendered stages, I found out, to my horror, that there is no documentation for stage swapping. I also couldn't find anything relevant on this forum. Am I doomed to restructuring this project, or is there a way to change the stage after the initial embedding?

I should add that I've tried saving out vray scenes as assets to swap instead, but I only get black screens and errors when trying to implement it :(



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    William Thompson
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    Hi Andrew - the only supported way to change the stageID in a Threekit player on the front-end is to unload the player with 


    and re-initialize with your new stage ID. 

    Alternatively - you can retrieve the renders from Threekit via the layers API and create a custom gallery/front-end like we did here in our demo store. 

    If neither of these solutions work for you please let me know and we can get some additional guidance. 


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