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useNestedConfigurator() React Dev-Kit



  • Travis Wasson
    Travis Wasson

    For the useNextedConfigurator() hook, you should be able to pass in the string name of the attribute (e.g. useNestedConfigurator('Size')), and you'll get back an array that defines the nested configurator. I would double check that no typos were made in the name of the attribute, and that the case matches (size vs. Size, though this likely shouldn't be an issue). If that doesn't work, could you provide any error message you're seeing? We should be able to assist further with that.

  • Robert_Campbell

    Thanks for the response, I have attached some snippets of what I'm seeing on my end.

    Import into BoothForm.js

    I have these in a useEffect() dependency array.

    No error messages in the console. Just undefined.

  • Zhongrui Li
    Zhongrui Li

    Hi Robert_Campbell,

    It appears to be a bug on the dev-kit, I will create a ticket for this issue.

    Sorry about that.

  • Robert_Campbell

    No problem, Thank you for the response. I'll check in soon to see if it has been fixed.


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