VRay Models


The option to import the vrscene assets as Models will automatically create a Model asset for each vrscene or vrscenezip added. In the case where the user uploads a vrscenezip that contains multiple vrscene files, it will create a single Model asset, with multiple vrscene nodes inside that asset, for each vrscene file included in the zip.

The structure of the imported Model is very similar to that of Scenes. There will still be a Vray Axis System node present, with the vrscene nodes parented to it. It is important to leave this structure intact, without modifying it. This parent node ensures that the Model asset will get  referenced into other assets or scenes at the correct scale, with the correct orientation. 


Here is an example of what the Model asset may look like on import:IMG1.PNG


Similar to the imported Scenes, any Meshes present in the vrscene will be shown only as bounding boxes, while the supported lights will show up with their appropriate gizmo.



The user may nest in here other models from the Asset Library, but doing so will introduce the same risks we found with the scene assets. Once the vrscene for this Model gets re-uploaded, the import process will automatically reset the scene graph, and remove any extra nodes. If such nesting is required, it would be better achieved with a third blank Model asset, that would hold all the references together.


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