Connectors for Modular Configurators


Create an engaging and frictionless experience for complicated modular configurators using Connectors.

  • Give the end user freedom to customize experiences while enforcing product compatibility rules with snapping.
  • Build in platform with clicks, just like how you would any other experience.

For full details, take a look at our Documentation Page on Connectors


Combine Connectors for snapping and component compatibility with the power of Layout Containers and Collision for a complete modular configurator experience.



Add Connector nodes to your models and position the nodes where you want them to connect.



Set Connector compatibility by using node names or tags.



To improve the user experience, set a snapping threshold that snaps compatible components together when they are close enough. Additionally, set rotation constraints so components can automatically be rotated to make connections.



Put components together in a scene using Layout Containers and Collision, and you are all set.



Saving configurations, including where products are positioned in space and even the camera angle, is easy with the new, spatial configuration capabilities of the configuration API.


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