Jan 27, 2022 - 2022.2.0


⚙️ Enhanced Operators make it easier to manage a stack of operators, access via Logic, and manipulate through APIs.

Hovering over an Operator displays the new functionality: toggling and renaming.


Renaming operators makes it easier to manage a large stack and apply Logic accurately.operator-rename.png


Toggling operators helps compare Operator results and troubleshoot.operator-disable.png

Accessing Operators via APIs are easier as well - Operators can be accessed using Unique IDs rather than indexes.


  • Cannot open render batch by clicking thumbnail area
  • Tooltip on transform fields indicates decimal value between 0 and 1 not valid
  • Problem changing the camera view in an asset scene
  • Edit input component will sometimes insert characters in the reverse order
  • Configurator takes more time to response when apply multiple change together
  • Player crashes when selecting model - Device specific issue
  • Annotations updating inconsistently
  • Master Price List updating inconsistently
  • Annotations do not update until Player is interacted with
  • Inconsistent Player interactions
  • "Date Updated" date does not update after saving changes to an asset.
  • Attribute values not translating
  • "Powered by Threekit" logo reappeared (after being disabled)
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