2021.26.0 - December 20, 2021


  • 🖼️ Image annotations can be used to highlight product features in the 3D Player. Annotations can be opened and closed and will always face the camera.


To add a text or image annotation, select Annotation from the Editor toolbar:


To set the annotation to only display an image, set `Custom Text` and set the text value to empty. Then select an image from your Asset library:


Your can configure annotation properties, like image size, angle, etc.



  • GL7392 - Improved WebGL render speed 
  • GL7625 - Number attribute types do not pre-fetch. This impacts performance for our turntable effect.
  • GL7634 - Milwaukee Tool is unable to export certain assets with similar configurations in .glb format 
  • GL7643 - Prefetch not working for native Turntable
  • GL7819 - Importing a zip file containing SVGs fails 
  • GL7830 - Player stops updating model after certain selection of attributes is chosen 
  • GL7849 - fullConfiguration no longer adds configuration to "items" in order
  • GL7862 - Importing glb creates materials with empty metallic map
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