Alerts and Warnings

⚠️ Alerts have been added to help you find, diagnose, and resolve common issues with your Items and Assets.


Alerts are on by default but can be turned off by going to the Settings > Features page:



For example, if a rule in an Asset is malformed, you will see an Alert in the Catalog listing for any Item(s) that refer to it. You can sort Items using this column to easily find any with issues:


On an individual Item pages, you will see an indication by the title with a tooltip:


In the Assigned Assets panel, you will also see an indication next to the Asset with a tooltip:



On individual Asset pages, you will see verbose alerts above the player. You can click the ⚠️ icon to expand to see multiple warnings, if applicable. From here, you can see the details of the warning and click them to go directly to what is generating them:


The Editor will highlight broken or invalid references in Rule conditions and actions.


When working in the Editor, if the current Asset has issues in the Logic section, there will be a warning icon in the Logic tab.

The Editor's bottom Asset panel now has a tab to view Warnings for the current asset:


These warnings are also linked.

ℹ️ Note: for existing Organizations with existing data (e.g. Items and Assets), warning will only show once the data is viewed or updated (e.g. view and Asset or edit an Item).

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