Use Asset Folders to Organize Assets

Organizing assets into folders is quick and easy. Add a folder by way of the + Create Asset button

Individual Assets can be dragged and dropped into the desired folder.
2020-08-03_12-55-47 (1).gif

Drag and drop is also supported when selecting multiple assets.
2020-08-03_12-55-47 (2).gif

Assets may be moved by way of the Move button within the 'More Actions' menu.
2020-08-03_12-55-47 (3).gif

Nested Folders are supported. Assets may be placed into a nested folder by using the move button and drilling down from the parent folder into the desired child folder.
2020-08-03_12-55-47 (4).gif

Assets can be moved out of a folder by way of the Move button. Navigate through the hierarchy within the modal to the desired location. The example below shows the path of moving an asset out of a folder back to the Asset Listing.
2020-08-03_12-55-47 (5).gif

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