Modeling for Augmented Reality (AR)

There are additional AR properties

Exportable to AR

The user is able to determine the behavior of a given asset relative to exportability by way ot the Exportable to AR dropdown in the properties panel of a model asset.

Vertical AR - Apple Only

Clicking the top of the hierarchy reveals the AR placement field.

Horizontal is the default setting.

Vertical wall to wall it is going to anchor this back part of the object to the wall.

Vertical ground to wall anchors the bottom of the object to the wall.

When the view in space button is pressed, the property is set based on what is selected on the model.

Another way to set AR Placement is by using the attribute and rules system. For example, a set of speakers may be tabletop or wall-mounted. An attribute accounting for these two types of display can be leveraged within the rules system to set the AR Placement as desired.

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