UPDATE: Major changes have been made to the way new users are added to the system.

Of particular note:

  • Invitees who are not yet users will be taken to a sign up screen automatically
  • Usernames are no longer required. Users will be asked for their Name and to set a password
  • Wherever username is shown in platform will now display user Names
    • For legacy users, usernames will be displayed. A user may enter their name in the user settings page to update this information.

Please see the release notes here for more information.

The Members tab provides information on present members of the Organization. Members may be added and deleted as necessary; outbound invites may be tracked as necessary.

Adding a Member

To add a member to the organization, hit the Invite button, enter the user's email and hit the Send Invite button.

Deleting a Member

A member can be deleted by hitting the Remove From Org button.


There are many parties requiring access to an org, but not all of them need the same capability or level of access. Threekit offers a way to restrict access to certain aspects of a given organization by way of Roles.

Any new user will need to be assigned a role in order to have access to the desired aspects of the org.

Viewing Roles

All available roles are present within the Roles tab.

Creating Roles

To create a new role, simply hit the New Role button when in the Roles tab.

Name the role and assign the desired permissions.

Presently, the available permissions include View/Edit access on the following objects:

  • Assets*
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Renders
  • Jobs
  • Configurations
  • Apps
  • Organization Settings
  • Access Tokens
  • Webhooks

*Note: Asset permissions will also grant users access to Catalog Items and Stages.

Assigning Roles

Roles are assigned once the user is an org member. This is accomplished by way of the user menu on the Members page.


For information on creating service accounts for use with tokens, click here.

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