Item Attributes

Product Attributes represent the configurable qualities of a Product. Attributes appear in the Configuration Form of the Catalog Item Preview Panel.

Attribute Types

There are four types of Catalog Item Attributes:


A String allows for literal definition of an Attribute and its values.



A 'Number' Attribute provides the user with a number entry field.


Part Reference

A 'Part Reference' attribute associates a Catalog Item via either a literal reference to another Catalog Item or a Tag representing one or many Catalog Items.

Both literal Catalog Item names and Tags may be used within a single attribute field. A logical OR is used when placing multiple tags within a Part Reference Attribute. For example, if three tags are used in a Part Reference Attribute, all Items containing ANY one of the three tags will appear as attribute values.


Image Upload

Image uploads allow users to drag an image file into a field on the configuration form for placement upon a predetermined location of a model, via a canvas.



For more information, click here.


Re-Ordering Product Attributes

When Editing a Catalog Item, the order of the Attributes can be re-ordered by way of the handle on the left. Bare in mind, dragging and dropping swaps the locations of the two attributes.
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