The Features page provides details of the current subscription, as well as a preview of available ThreeKit Platform features.


Subscription Start Date

Provides the start date of the Threekit platform subscription.

Virtual Photographer

If this feature is enabled, an Organization has the ability to create photorealistic renders of their products. Toggles are available for both WebGL and V-Ray Rendering.

Default Stages

Threekit is delivered with a default environment for all asset types. At times, this default view does not present the asset in the manner in which it will be displayed or illuminated either within the deployed instance of the configurator (3D Player) or rendered images (2D player). Therefore, the artist may collaborate with the team responsible for realistic presentation of the models and materials by making use of a default stage specifically customized for the desired viewing experience. Once created, the default stages (which reference Scene Assets) for viewing assets of a specific type can be set via these dropdowns.

Configuration Levels


Advanced is a level of configuration requiring use of all attributes types and rules. This level of configuration is necessary to fully leverage Smart Assets and Part References.


Simple configurations contain only multi-choice attributes and do not require Rules.


No ability to configure the Product.

Approval Workflows

Allows for branches and task-and-approval-based workflows

Share to Threehub

Enabling this feature will reveal a toggle on all Catalog Items, allowing the freedom to publish any Catalog Item on Threehub.

Usage Limits

Limits for Users and number of Assets.

Player Settings

Org-wide settings are available for distribution of the player. For more information on each of these player elements, click here.Screen_Shot_2021-09-01_at_12.11.32_PM.png

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