User Profile

The Username is present at the top right of the landing page interface
Clicking on your Username presents the following items in the dropdown menu:


The left panel provides a snapshot which includes Profile image, the list of all organizations of which you are a member, and the ability to Edit your profile to update personal information.


There are two tabs within Setting, Profile and Account

User Profile

The Settings of the User Profile capture all relevant personal, business, and geographical information.


From the account tab, the user has the ability to enable multi-factor authentication. From account tab, hit Enable

Scan the QR code and enter the 6 digit code from your chosen authenticator app.

Once enabled, multi-factor can be disabled by hitting the Disable button.

Sign Out

The final item in the list is the Sign Out button. When a user signs out, they are signed out of every Organization of which they are a member. Upon logging back into Threekit, the user will be directed to the organization interacted with most recently.

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