2020.2.8.0 - June 25, 2020


  • Webhooks - set up workflows and automation with Threekit’s webhooks. Find it under “Settings”. API documentation here.
  • For eCommerce integrations, Threekit can store Orders. API documentation here.
  • Threekit Apps allows you to add and embed external apps directly in Threekit.
  • The jobs system reliability has been improved for faster and less error-prone jobs.


  • We’ve simplified the Attribute creation to save you clicks.
  • You can now clone Catalog Items - making it easy to create Product and part templates.


  • Want to set a placeholder image in the player for Products that aren’t rendered or temporarily as visuals are updated? Now you can using the player API, documented here.
  • We’ve improved WebGL performance for faster rendering


  • Folders and thumbnails are here!
    • You can now create folders, import or move assets into them, and even nest folders.
    • Every asset will display a thumbnail in the asset listing to match the Assets panel in the Editor
    • Use folderId with the Asset Import API to set a designated folder
  • Assets get Tags and Metadata too
    • You can now organize your assets with tags and metadata just like catalog items. Click an Asset to view and set them.
  • When importing VRScenes, Threekit displays a settings dialog to give you the option to import as different types.
  • Threekit can now export STL files to support manufacturing workflows


  • You can now set tiling overrides for Textures in Materials
  • You can add Red or Green channel flip to texture assets
  • Canvas Text with auto-downsize should also consider vertical space
  • You can now import and merge Textures with existing Texture assets
  • Camera FoV/focal length now match between WebGL and Vray



  • Incorrect Parts Available as Attribute Values
  • Manual aspect ratio is broken
  • Logic editor allows empty name for attributes and rules
  • FBX Export - Opacity map not applied
  • Custom operators not rendered properly
  • Editor should not use active scene camera by default
  • Render job width and height not respected
  • USDZ with animation don't import properly
  • GLTF AR Material Color Issues
  • GLTF AR - Geometry goes semi-transparent
  • Fix Anisotropy/BumpMap Flatness
  • Turning On/Off reflective floor changes background
  • Manipulators visible when looking through camera
  • Configurators reset Camera
  • Change misbehaving operators to use degrees as unit instead of radians
  • Share button can be displayed, but doesn't do anything
  • Render jobs specifies both width and height
  • Quality of 2D player varies between full-screen desktop, desktop, mobile
  • Setting configuration using queries fails on subsequent calls after the first
  • Player loaded with catalog item does not use player camera
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