2021.7.0 - March 26, 2021





🎥 Default Stages can now be set on a per Catalog Item basis directly in a Catalog Item. Edit any Catalog Item and set the optional Item Stage reference.

The Default Stage is used for Interactive 3D and Virtual Photographer but can be overridden client-side and on the Render screen.

Stages can now be set and are respected in the following order:

  1. Player embed parameter
  2. Individual Catalog Item
  3. Organization default in Player Settings

Interactive 3D

👕 Sheen support for WebGL has been updated and standardized to match the gLTF 2.0 standard to better represent cloth and fabric in real-time 3D. Sheen can be enabled and configured in Material assets:


🗄STEP exports have been optimized for size by * 40% by reusing identical parts instead of exporting them individually and by converting to polygons where applicable.

*Savings dependent on asset structure.


  • GL6715 - 3D zoom disabled by default
  • GL6123 - Entering wrong password still bring ups MFA prompt
  • GL6734 - Image player doesn't initialize properly if you set a new configuration right after player init
  • GL6705 - Platform slow to launch renders
  • GL6503 - VFB is not render
  • GL6726 - Unable to use composite service
  • GL5093 - Threekit Player is not Salesforce Locker Compliant
  • GL6617 - The attributes named with TK prefix are getting the wrong naming convention on import
  • GL6621 - Reimporting a Vray material with a property removed will fail
  • GL6616 - Vrscene import ignores nodes connected to VrayBlend material -> Blend Amount
  • GL6695 - Raycast incorrectly detecting nested model position
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