2021.8.0 - April 13, 2021


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ūüíĺ Save source Texture assets so you can share or reuse them outside of Threekit. You can right-click any one¬†texture¬†and select¬†Download.


You can muti-select multiple texture assets and download them in one zip file.


Augmented Reality

ūüõč Material Map Overrides has been added as a Material Operator in Model assets to provide fine-tuned control over maps for AR experiences.


These can be set in the properties panel or with Logic.

Virtual Photography

ūüí°¬†Light linking for VRay¬†allows you to control the nodes that are affected by specific lights in a VRscene. Expose light objects in Threekit using¬†TK_¬†in the light object names. They will appear in a ‚ÄúLights‚ÄĚ operator on the vrscene node inside the scene. Then you can use the¬†include¬†or¬†exclude¬†options in the property panel per light to target nodes in the scene by node tags.

Bugs / Cases

  • GL6784 - Orders list not filtered by orgId
  • GL6762 - Multi ID material broken for glTF and USDZ
  • GL6742 - Attribute propagation appears broken
  • GL6517 - Occasional crash related to opacity video switching
  • GL6765 - Composite renders incorrect
  • GL6760 - Catalog items not loading
  • GL6756 - Fullscreen does not expand Assets on Safari
  • GL6753 - Update order does not update updatedAt field
  • GL6752 - Different render number after kick off render job
  • GL6745 - Cannot save player settings in personal org
  • GL6231 - Fail FBX Import
  • GL5508 - Fetching layers list using a token or a cookie without explicitly providing an orgId returns all layers in the database
  • GL1641 - assets service crashes when product description is too long
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