Global Attributes


Global attributes are now available to centralize attribute management and drastically improve Catalog Item to Assets workflows.

To add Global attributes, use the Attributes sub-menu item in the Catalog section:


Global attributes of varying types can be added and are listed on this page:


ℹ Note that Boolean attributes can now be used on Catalog Items.

Global attribute settings reflect existing attributes and can be used the same way.

For Part Reference/Asset Attributes, setting the Asset Type at the creation step insures Item-to-Asset compatibility.

To add Global attributes to Catalog Items, use the new Global attributes dropdown:


ℹ Note that Global Attributes can be used alongside non-global attributes and they can be reordered using the existing drag-to-order feature.

Global attribute Default Values can be overridden on a per-Item basis. You can use the View Attribute button at the top right of each Global attribute to view the attribute settings and modify them.


ℹ Note that changes to Global attributes will be reflected everywhere they are used, including Items and Assets.

Global attributes can be added to Assets the same way. The Logic Editor’s Attributes and Rules panel has been made wider for easier management.



ℹ Note that Global Attributes are backwards compatible and do not affect any live or projects in progress.


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