Before You Start: Core Design Philosophy

The core design philosophy behind Threekit is to bring product owners, visual artists, and front-end developers together, collaborating within a single platform that facilitates rapid deployment and seamless maintenance of product visuals.

Two elements of the platform anchor this collaborative experience, the Catalog and Assets.

Product owners/merchandisers already know their own product line well. They know the variation amongst the options offered for a given product, as well as the underlying business requirements that dictate the dependencies amongst said options. The Threekit Catalog is simply meant to represent the structure of the products, and the existing architecture of the product catalog as a whole.

Visual Artists do what they do best, make stunning visuals. Artists are free to create those stunning visuals within any editing tool they choose, as the Threekit platform will represent those pieces with fidelity upon import. The imported files comprise the Threekit Asset library, and support desired visual outputs of the products within the Catalog. The Threekit solution is designed for efficiency, requiring only a single version of the 3D assets, both models and materials, for the large variety of possible outputs.

The Catalog and Assets have parallel attribute systems which work in concert to ensure that viable configurations of products are appropriately presented to the end-user. The rationale behind this decoupled design is that the merchandiser remains in control of the visual experience, while the artist follows the directive from the Catalog Item as to how the product is to be realized in 3D. The concept of decoupling is explored in greater detail within the overviews of the output-specific workflows for Interactive 3D and Virtual Photography.

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