Keep the camera for SnapShot in the center



we have designed a configurator for sofa setup. user can add the sofa on the fly. The configurator is set up in a way when users add different sofas we apply Transition and Rotation based on the sofa type. 

we have setup a camera in scene for taking snapshot. The camera is static. After a few additions of the models, the snapshot taken by the SnapShot camera isn't centered. attached is an example below:

Is there a way to take snapshots while keeping everything centered like the below image:




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    William Thompson
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    Hi Shiv, the snapshot API captures an image from current player canvas as it is on the page, it does not take camera considerations into account it will take a snapshot exactly as the canvas is. What you can do is change the active camera prior to creating the snapshot or use the Server-Side approach.


    Let me know if this is helpful!


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