6. Trainer-Led Training


Now that you're in the process of gathering your project requirements and checking off the to-do items for your upcoming project, it's time to sign up for our live training courses. If you've already done this – great! You're ahead of the curve!

Registration Instructions

Once you've completed the self-led training, this link will allow you to register for two additional training options. Please register only for those training sessions appropriate to your role in using Threekit. Not all sessions are required.



Product Catalog & 3D Q&A Session

This is a Q&A session focusing on addressing your questions following the self-led training. This training is designed for product managers, administrators, and 3D developers and designers. It covers the uploading and configuration of items into the Threekit "catalog" interface as well as the uploading of 3D "assets" and configuration for usage in the Threekit system.

Developer Training

Developer Training gives developers an opportunity to speak directly with one of our top implementation consultants to discuss technical issues around APIs, integrations, and custom code modifications. This training is designed for developers and back-end engineers. Development experience of 3+ years is highly recommended.

Self-Led Training Reminder

We strongly recommend you complete the self-led training prior to signing up for the sessions above as this will maximize what you get out of our in-person Q&A session.

Next Steps

Learn more about your Requirements Checklist.

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