Create Product Variants for White-labeling

Often times, it is necessary to provide a configuration experience to re-sellers or distributors for use on their website/eStore. Additionally, the ability to offer only a subset of a configuration experience is also required. In Threekit, Product Variants are used to address these requirements.

Below are the steps to ensure the configuration experience is consistent and representative of the options specific to a given distributor/re-seller.

Create a Product Variant

Steps to creating a product variant are as follows:

1.) Navigate to the desired Catalog Item.

2.) Click Create Variant


A new Item, "Item name Clone", will be created. The master configurator will be connoted and accessible below the variant's Item name.

Note that the variant has no assigned asset. By default, the variant uses the asset referenced in the master item. This ensures any modification made to improve the visual quality of the corresponding master asset propagates to all variants.

3.) Manipulate Attributes/Rules

Add/Remove Attributes and/or Attribute values as necessary. Enforce any business logic unique to the variant by way of Rules.

4.) Click Save

Once a variant has been created, it is accessible via the Catalog, as well as the drop down on the master Item.

Publish the Product Variant

Re-sellers and Distributors are able to publish variants of the configurator by embedding the Threekit Player using their unique Public Token, along with the Item Id of the appropriate variant.

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